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- To help you as Songwriters, to turn your creativity and unique vision into songs that will reach and communicate to your audience.


- To develop a reliable method for generating fresh and original provide you with the basic guitar and keyboard skills to accompany yourself and generate ideas. To sharpen your critcal thinking skills and give you valuble tools for self editing.


- To provide you with opportunities to perform your songs.


- To learn to work with the dynamics of collaboration.


- To learn take in and integrate feedback, and turn criticism to your advantage.


- To record one of your songs in the Juke Joint Chapel, which will be mailed to you on a CD shortly after the conclusion of the camp.   


- To share insight into the world of the songwriter and to provide you with a compass and roadmap to navigate that world.

The workshop.....

The Shack Up Inn offers an opportunity for Songwriters to spend five days in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, honing their craft and artistry with professional songwriters and performance coaches. Songs at the Shacks is a workshop focused on creativity, communication and originality, as well as the thrill of sharing your music with others. More than anything this workshop is about providing you with an experience. We take you through a series of practical steps guiding you to access the deep well of inspiration that exists within you. Explore how the elements of words, music, and melody fuse together to perfectly express emotion. 


The Workshop is for anyone with a spirit of fun and adventure, who is passionate about songwriting, and has a sincere desire to communicate their unique message through song. 



What do great singer songwriters like John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Darrell Scott, Steve Earle, & Sheryl Crow have in common? ... They sound like themselves.


The desire to write and perform is a passion many of us feel. However, songwriting and performing takes skill, persistence and tapping into a unique view of the world to overcome the challenges. With skills and knowledge, backed by the confidence of experience, a talented songwriter can create the opportunities to give life to their own unique songs.


At Shack Up Inn's workshops, the Song is King. Artistry, Discipline, Sincerity, and playfulness create memorable, authentic musical experiences. We believe the business follows the song, not the other way around.


Music is in the very earth of the Mississippi Delta and The Shack Up Inn provides a casual, inspirational environment for Songwriting and Performing. The vibe is friendly, casual, and highly conducive to creativity. Sleep in a shack, brainstorm over morning coffee in the Mississippi sunshine, work and collaborate on your ideas throughout the day. Then finish up by kicking back and performing your songs at our nightly “Song Circles” in the Shack Upʼs Juke Joint Chapel.

Experience living and thinking as an artist, while you acquire the skills that will help you to attain the connection and fulfillment you are looking for.

The Shack Up experience...

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