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Our favorite part

Just about everything that happens at the Shack Up is fun! Nightly

informal “Song Circles” in the Shack Upʼs Juke Joint Chapel, give you

the opportunity to perform your songs for a supportive group of

dedicated Songwriters.

You will be creating & playing original music pretty much every

waking moment of your five days at the workshop.

Presentation and Format…

Our coaching sessions are tailored specifically to you. One on one

coaching and collaborating in small groups, we will work with you on specific subjects, to suite your particular interests or needs.


Songwriter workshops will cover essential materials and there will be collaborative sessions to bounce ideas off each other. Every evening informal “Song Circles” in the Juke Joint Chapel gives you the

opportunity to perform your songs and get feedback.

What will be covered

- Song anatomy and form

- Methods for generating fresh and original ideas,

- Identifying & developing strong “Hooks.”

- Growing your imagination

- Melodic development and phrasing. What makes a distinctive


- Building a compelling, believable, story.

- The relationship of words to melody, rhythm and tempo

- Plugging in you, your unique personality and perspectives

- Breaking through writerʼs block

- Basic performance coaching

- Taking yourself and your songs to the marketplace

- The mindset of an Artist, life philosophy and strategies to thrive

- How to sound like You

…We will provide context with examples of iconic songs and material.

…Youʼll leave the Workshop with the skills and insight you need to

progress in your songwriting and performing abilities.

Live performance opportunity…


Play a real “gig.” Youʼll visit Hambone Art Gallery in Clarksdale for an evening where youʼll have an opportunity to perform a song or two for the local folks!.




The Workshop wraps up by recording your song. Each writer or collaborative group will record songs they have created during their stay in a

live format. These recordings will be mixed, mastered and

mailed to you on a CD within a month or so.

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